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Why Having a Website for Your business is important for Local Listings, and reaching customers. Video length 3:18s

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How Important Is Having a Website?

In this article, I will be writing about Website Design, how it affects sales, and how it compares in importance to other aspects of Website Management. Let's list the different aspects of owning or managing a Website.

Domain Name: How important is the domain name you choose for your Website? Many people say it is not important at all, yet I have the number one listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for the key phrases that exactly match my domain name. It matters a lot.

You need a domain name that matches keywords and phrases you will also use in your Website that people are searching for. Many people think their company name should be their domain name. If you have a lot of money for advertising to make your company name something people to search for, I agree with you. If you do not have that ad budget, then you need a generic domain name that is a phrase people already search for. There are cool ways to have your brand stand out by using social media as well. It's a pretty cool trick I've learned over the years of doing marketing online. Your website is not the only tool needed to get you more customers and more money into your pocket.

Web Hosting: How important is choosing the right Web Hosting Service for your Website? Again, this is important in many ways. You need your Website to load fast. If your Website loads slow, people will leave without buying anything. Also with the new updates to Google's algorithm, they are making it hard for websites to rank in the search engine which makes it hard for your local customers to find your business online. You also need to choose a Web Hosting Service that gives good tech support. There are a lot more things to consider when choosing a good Web Hosting Service, but make sure you rate this high on your list of things that are important to your Website.

Web Design: How important is Website Design? Your Website needs to look professional and trustworthy to create buyer confidence. A poorly designed Website will cost you sales. However, and this is the part that web designers will hate me for, it is not as important as many of the other aspects of Website ownership and management.

Many web designers know nothing about search engine optimization, picking a good domain name, hosting, Website promotion, or other issues. They only know design. That is a good thing in my opinion, but they should let their customers know they are a designer and cannot help their Website be competitive in the marketplace. Yes, some designers know more than just design, but many do not. Keep this in mind.

A beautiful Website that gets no traffic and makes no money might as well be ugly. An ugly Website that has traffic and makes money gets more beautiful by the dollar.

Search Engine Optimization: How important is SEO to my Website? Extremely important! Again, many web designers do not know how to properly optimize a Website for search engines. It is important to have someone like James & Edward Marketing, who specializes in SEO to go over your Website and make sure it is ready to get crawled and indexed by the search engines.

There was a time when SEO was all-inclusive with link building, Website promotion, search engine marketing, etc. Times have changed dramatically and the search engines have become more complicated, so now it's more important to specialize in certain aspects of SEO such as onsite and offsite along with Google My Business (GMB).

I define SEO as coding the Website properly, writing text that contains the proper amount and correct keywords and phrases, search engine submissions, and some link building techniques to help your product or service reach the correct type of customers.

Search Engine Marketing: What is SEM and how important is this to my Website? Search Engine Marketing by my definition is marketing your Website through Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, and other keyword purchasing programs as well as purchasing links, ads, and sponsored listings.

Again, many people are specializing in an area they have success with these days. I am very good at Web Design, Social Media Marketing which includes the knowledge needed to properly run social media ad campaigns. Over the years I've become very well versed at SEO services along with Social Media SEO Services.


Therefore, I can make your Website ready to be crawled, do link building, and write the text that helps you attract good search engine rank and traffic to gain more customers and put more money into your pocket.

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