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Social Media Content Posting Overview
Social Media Content Posting

Grow Your Reputation with Content Marketing

Social Media Engagement on Facebook, and Twitter, is Very Important for Your Business

When it comes to a solid online presence, content, social posting along with page engagement, is now the foundation. It has the power to give you an edge over your competitors and send more customers through your doors which leads to conversions and more money for your business.

Well nowadays, social media will outrank a website based on its relevance, and provided content. If your social media page is constantly posting and having engagement. Your page will sore above your competition with no problem. We provide content marketing solutions for professionals services and local businesses. We help put your name above competitors by making you stand out with the value you offer to your clients. Contact us today if you’re ready to be an industry leader! Let’s go!

Ready to build great content for your business? We can help speed things along.

Why is Content Marketing/Posting So Important?

Only 11% to 15% of local businesses, firms, and professionals have a consistent flow of content to engage with their potential customers. Not even a blog even though an astounding 70% of people prefer to get to know a firm and its agents through online content rather than paid advertisements. If you don’t have a blog for your business. Consistently posting on social media is a must.


70% of the people mentioned above only research 1 to 2 companies or professionals before choosing to work with them. For this reason alone, it’s imperative that you have a strong content marketing strategy that showcases the strengths, knowledge, and services you offer.

A few Major Benefits of Social Media Content Posting.

Search Engine Recognition.

Google loves it when websites, and social media business pages provide lots of valuable content that their searchers want to read. In local business content marketing, the main focus is to answer as many questions as possible for your target audience, which is exactly what all the major search engines want you to do. When they see this, they automatically place more value on your website, social media pages, blogs, and help you rank higher in search engine results.


Spend Less. Get More.

Local Business content marketing costs less than almost all other forms of digital marketing for local businesses but generally sees six times more leads and conversions than your competitors that don’t have a local business content marketing strategy.


Return On Investment.

Content marketing already offers a pure return on investment alone, but it also helps to boosts other channels of marketing in your portfolio. When done correctly and consistently, you’ll start to see a jump in metrics and an increase in overall ROI for your email marketing and social media marketing efforts when you implement a local business content marketing plan.

Ready to build great content for your business? We make it great, and save you lots of time.

Trust is built with Content Marketing/Posting
and Increases Conversions

We help local businesses educate their prospects and clients. When help you show your clients that you know a lot about the market and the processes, which in turn helps you develop more trust. That trust evolves into more clients and referrals for your business.

Steps for Local Business Content Marketing/Posting


In the first step, we work with you to develop a solid road map for your content marketing and posting strategy and we take into account, the goals your local business is trying to achieve through our strategy. We take a look at your ideal customers and develop your client type persona as well as dive into what your competitors are doing. We then take that information to create a unique customized strategy along with a content calendar for your business blog if you have one.



Our professional content writers begin developing content that will resonate with your past, current, and future clients. I oversee every piece of content before it’s released, period. Through this type of content posting, you will keep past and current clients informed as well as nurture your future clients into conversion.



Once we have written your content and prepared it for posting, we follow our plan of action within the calendar set during the strategy phase of our discussion, and publish content timely and consistently. Now, as a business owner, you or your staff, are required to manage any comments on your blog and answer any questions visitors may have. We will share your prepared content on the channels discussed within our strategy session.



We prepare for you, and you will receive monthly reports regarding the success of your local business content marketing/posting strategy. The reports will detail site traffic, time on site, new site visitors, and engagement with your content. With these metrics, we are able to adjust your content marketing strategy to improve your results month after month. Make sense?


Ready to build great content for your business? We make it great, and save you lots of time.

The Keys to Content Marketing/Posting

Content Marketing is not difficult, but it definitely takes lots of time to do it right. We take the time to write, proofread, edit and publish great content for our clients. Here are a few key tips to a great content marketing plan of action:

Value First.

When developing content whether it is a social media post, a blog post, photo or video, you want your readers to feel like they gained something from you and/or your business for free.



It is essentially important to make sure that whatever you plan to develop that you produce it on a consistent basis. Consistency leads to momentum, engagement, and conversions.



We can’t say this enough, but please, track how your content is being consumed by your audience. That means knowing exactly how long people are on your landing pages, blogs, social media pages, website or how much of your content is being downloaded. It’s very important that you keep track of this type of information.

Does Content Marketing/Posting for Local Business, and Professionals Really Work?

For years, media outlets like billboards, newspapers, and magazines have dominated people’s attention.


However, nowadays everyone’s attention is dominated by social media and the internet.


Your potential customers and/or clients are already spending tons of hours a day consuming content online. Why not jump on in and make it your content they’re consuming? It should be obvious in today’s marketing efforts that your business needs to try to get more attention by putting out great content as well, right?


The good news is, we are here to help.


Schedule a short meeting with us by clicking the button below and find out more about our content marketing, and posting services.

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