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Why Social Media Advertising is so important
Why Social Media Advertising is Important

Grow Your Business with Social Media Advertising

We are one of the few local business and professional social media marketing companies that truly puts revenue and company growth first. While social media is an awesome place to make connections, build fans and engage with your audience, we know it must support business reach and growth. That’s why we always recommend social media content marketing/posting and advertising for our local businesses and professionals. Our experience, knowledge and innovative techniques can help put your business in a position to win today.


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What is Local Business & Professional Social Media Advertising?

Let’s look at the stats.


78% of online users buy products exclusively on social media. People cannot actually purchase your product or service on social media per se, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t shopping for your product or service online.


65% of local businesses and professionals are active on social media – but only 55% of them are comfortable using social media.


Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms for professional services while Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are the most popular for all local businesses. As stated, we got your back because we can service all platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus.


If you’re serious about boosting your business’s efforts in social media advertising, then you’ve come to the right place here at James&Edward Marketing. We would love to help grow your business. Let us start making more connections and lifetime clients for you right now. Is that ok with you?


So let us help you get started today. All you have to do is schedule a short meeting with us, and we’ll chat about how to improve your business’s overall success with social media content marketing/posting, and/or social media advertising. The choice is yours. I know you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines, right? Book a meeting today, ok?

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing & Advertising?

Targeted Advertising.

Most Social media platforms collect data from their users, and that data is extremely useful to you as a business – especially the way Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter use data in their algorithms. Through Facebook marketing and advertising, your business can advertise to potential clients that have the same interests, demographics, behaviors, and more as your current and past clients. This where a lot of businesses get it wrong. We not only use Facebook’s backend for targeting but we also have our own proprietary software that helps us get even more specific to targeting the correct quality customer for your business. This type of targeting allows your business to speed up the timeline of your advertising funnel.


Quality Leads. More Clients.

More and more people are using social media as a means to communicate with local businesses and professionals alike and reach out to them for more information and advice. Whether it is a potential client or a future partner, they want to connect on social media. It seems to be easier for them to communicate via smartphones sitting in the palm of their hands. So basically, the first step toward that connection is your business having a strong presence on social media so you stand out as the business to choose.


Increased Exposure.

Many individuals, including your current and future clients, are on social media asking for opinions and recommendations for companies that can provide solutions to their various needs and problems. Your business should be in a position to provide a multitude of solutions and professional advice! So let your social media account share that with the millions of people that are on each platform. Your business can and will exponentially grow your brand through a strong presence and active following on social media. This is where we can help.

Local Business & Professional Social Media Marketing and Advertising Services


We carefully build your business’s awareness on social media through an organic approach this ensures quality customers on all platforms that allow this, and it will also help gain more qualified followers. Facebook marketing and advertising is a [pay to play] type of system but does allow for extensive brand awareness as long as you are willing to pay. There is no problem starting with a modest budget. We make the most of your advertising dollars when we set up your campaigns with our unique targeting approach to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.



Engagement is extremely important, so your current customers and new followers must feel special, valued and respected as an individual during this important purchase decision. It is majorly important that you or a dedicated member of your staff will monitor your account daily and engage with all interactions from followers by responding to their messages, answering their questions, and liking positive comments. This most definitely increases conversions and bringing on new followers.


Photos, Videos, and Graphics

It’s important the more visual content you have for your followers to see, the greater the immediate engagement you will have. We will review your content to make sure it will help to create engagement on your various platforms. If you do not have any content, We would love to help you create appealing graphics and animations that help you stand out among your competitors. Great content helps you to build a much stronger brand, gain new and loyal followers, and drive more traffic to your company’s website.



We are experts, and we specialize in Quality. We constantly work in one of the best and strongest advertising platforms in social media: Facebook. Local Business & Professional Facebook marketing and advertising will help your firm reach your audience in a highly targeted approach, which leads to more engagement, then conversions, and finally more qualified customers. We can most definitely help you utilize and take advantage of several other platforms to increase conversions, but starting out with a modest budget and rocking it out on one platform first, has proven to be an awesome approach to building a strong brand and not looking spammy, you know? We’ve found that customers love to grow with a company. It truly makes them feel like they’re a part of something great. This leads to word-of-mouth advertising for your business. Get it? It’s pretty awesome.


Keys to Our Social Media Marketing/Posting and Advertising Services

Making sure you have a strong social media marketing/branding presence is of utmost importance to make your brand name stand out in the industry, period.


Reaching Your Fans.

It is important to reach quality people that you want to work with and make them become your fans.


Engage Your Fans.

Once you have fans, then you need to engage them. Create quality social media posts that keep you on the top of their mind.


Sponsored Social Media Ads.

The fastest way to generate quality fans, traffic and leads is through paid sponsored social media ads. This is one if not the most important key to social media marketing and advertising. When done correctly and consistently.

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Is Social Media Management Really Necessary?

Ok, ok, The truth is…


Anyone can make a post on social media. My kids do it every day. In fact, you can do it for free.


However, if you want to truly generate quality leads fast and make real revenue without wasting lots of money then you need experience. For the last 7 years or so, we have helped local businesses, professionals and companies accomplish this.


If you are interested in our social media marketing and/or advertising services then schedule a meeting today!

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