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Local Business marketing now takes on a more targeted and customized approach with social media that takes the extra step in grabbing the customer’s interest. This method takes extra time and ability than older local business advertising techniques, but it makes the return on investment well worth it.


Need 20 to 50 more clients next week? We can help.

Why Use Social Media Marketing For Your Local Business?

If you need help reaching your potential customers? We can really help.


Here’s some truth for you.


Most potential customers, almost 95% of them, look up products or services online, even if they plan to buy locally? What happened to the big yellow book (Yellow Pages)? Remember those home-delivered directories?

Times have truly changed, right? So, what does that mean for you? Well, it's simple really. With so many resources, apps, websites, and other tools available to customers for free at their fingertips, it becomes a no-brainer as to why they would turn to online to search for everything before they even step foot out the door. Even though they turn to the internet to search, 92% of them contacted a local business owner when it came time to make their purchase. This is where your business and our digital marketing come into play.

What's the Value of Using Social Media?

Explore the value of social media for your marketing push. Social media is blowing up at this time and it will not be slowing down any time soon. Taking advantage of the word of mouth these sites offer is key to generating a lot of business for your products or services. With a little effort on your part, these sites can become a regenerating source of income.


Work with us to grow your business, build awareness of your brand, and increase your customer base which leads to more sales. We know local advertising and we know digital marketing. If you’re ready to get started then contact us about our local business digital marketing services today.

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Major Benefits Using Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses.

Local Business marketing is all about getting your product or service in front of as many people as possible in hopes that it meets the need or want of someone and they choose to make a purchase.


However digital advancements and more innovative technology methods have changed the way firms and agents alike market to buyers if they’ve taken action to secure both the knowledge and software needed as we have here at James & Edward Marketing.


We use proprietary software alongside Facebook’s back end to make sure we’re targeting the correct customer for your local business.

Let's have a look at some of the benefits your local business could be experiencing with digital marketing:

  • Save Time – Promote your local business faster. Spend more time providing sales or services rather than looking for leads.

  • Qualified Prospects – We use innovative inbound marketing techniques to bring exclusive, qualified leads to you instead of searching the old and costly way.

  • Increased Exposure – With our local business online marketing, it allows you to expand your overall reach and target the qualified prospects best for your local business.

  • Marketing Analysis – We keep you updated. You’ll know the return your marketing efforts are making for your local business and how it is helping your business and clients find the perfect harmony in such a competitive market.

  • Engagement of Potential Clients – You shouldn’t stop communicating with your clients after the deal is done. You want to create long-lasting relationships to secure your spot as their number one choice for future purchases.

How We Generated 52 Conversions in 30 Days

J.P’s. Chip-N-Dip Salsa is an all-natural product formulated with health and wellness in mind.  Apart from being a traditional tomato-based salsa, J.P.’s Chip-n-Dip Salsa was created to produce a healthy all-natural salsa that includes a balance of Good Health with a Great Taste…


When they approached us they had ZERO online presence. Most of their business was gained from word of mouth or networking connections. They found our agency through an online search, and after being burned by other marketing companies they decided to start out small with just Facebook advertising.


Needless to say, we surprised them by generating 52 conversions within the first 30 days. Since then, they now want us to makeover their website to bring, a more updated, J.P’s. Chip-N-Dip Salsa Website to the world along with managing their social media for content posting.


Industry Experience

No one would ever hire a Yoga Instructor, or Dentist to build them a house or help them remodel their kitchen if that instructor or Dentist had no prior experience in the digital marketing industry. We don’t expect you to do that either. We know you want to work with professionals experienced in digital marketing like James & Edward Marketing. You can feel comfortable and reassured hiring us to do your local business digital marketing because we have years of experience in making local businesses stand out among the competition.


Innovative Trends

Local Business marketing is an ever-changing industry that requires constant learning, reading, and analyzing. We know specifically what indicators, factors to look for and how they can affect your efforts when marketing. As the market changes, chances are your local business digital marketing strategy and the campaign will need to change as well. We have no problem doing that for you.


Specific Niche Marketing

Digital marketing for local businesses requires a different approach than other industries when trying to market to consumers. Each consumer is different, and it depends on the type of local business that’s trying to be paired with a certain consumer. It requires special terminology, knowledge, and skill to market different products and services to all those different audiences. Fortunately, we’re the experts on a multi-channel marketing gateway in major industries like local businesses.


Our Methodology Of Social Media Marketing For Local Businesses

The goal and mere science of local business digital marketing are to quickly build more leads and clients for your product or services. Here are a few key points:


  • To Attract More Customers - By working through interconnected, and powerful digital mediums. We help you to attract more qualified customers.

  • Exclusive Personalization - Exclusive, and Personalized Social Media campaigns, and if needed, content delivered to your potential clients’ inboxes. The sole purpose is to nurture them into choosing your local business for their next purchase.

  • Increase Consumer Engagement - Unique, Exclusive, and Enhanced engagement with consumers which helps to build trust and a long-lasting connection with your current and potential clients.

  • Lower Your Overall Acquisition Cost - Observing campaign deliverance and user engagement to optimize your company’s marketing efforts and achieve the lowest cost per client acquisition possible.

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We Grow Your Brand Awareness

Get your brand well known by expanding your presence on the internet. We use a unique law of attraction method to bring consumers to your website or landing page. By utilizing our retargeting methods, Online local businesses are able to target their exact audience and reach more of them at a much lower cost.


We Then Publish Valuable, and Meaningful Content

We create content that your audience will truly appreciate. This will help you set yourself apart from the competition, and will build a powerful connection with your potential customers. We have no problem helping you publish this content everywhere online.


You Must Establish Trust

Trust drives revenue, money to be exact. We help your local business create more trust with your potential customers through online branding, educating and positive reviews if need be. When your target audience notices you have a trustworthy presence online then it puts you one step closer to making the sale and gaining a new customer.


Once Steps 1-3 Are Drilled In, We Drive Even More Leads

The truth behind our focus and drive is for helping local businesses grow online and driving quality leads. We help you connect with quality consumers and everyday buyers who fit your specific customer profile. We get very specific and down to the smallest details when it comes to picking your correct market for consumers.


Reporting, Analytics & Optimization

Each month we’ll create a report specific to what has happened in the previous 30 days with your marketing or advertising campaign or both. We analyze every area in detail and try to understand what is working best for your campaigns and what is not working for them. From there we begin to optimize for better results.


Does Facebook Marketing Work for Professional Services?

Internet digital marketing isn’t easy. Nor is it quick. To answer your question, Yes!


Many people and companies have “tried” to do it and fail to make it work. Thus casting judgment that Facebook marketing for local businesses doesn’t work.


The hurtful truth is…It takes knowledge, experience, time, skill, and money to win online. Did I mention time? Well, James & Edward Marketing, help local businesses leverage Social Media Marketing, and other channels to drive quality leads. Once our exclusive clients are able to talk to hot leads, then the conversion and sale are up to them.


If you honestly feel you’re missing more leads or opportunities to speak with qualified customers then click the button below and schedule a call with us today.

We Drive ROI For Our Exclusive Clients Through Powerful and Innovative Digital Marketing.

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